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Expert Ceiling Fan Installation for Your Home or Office

Installation of any electrical device can be challenging – even dangerous – especially to the inexperienced.


If you've purchased a ceiling fan and are struggling with installation, please contact us. Our experienced electricians will perform the ceiling fan installation quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your ceiling fan for years to come.


No matter what brand, style or type of ceiling fan you purchased, our highly experienced and knowledgeable electrical technicians can help with anything concerning ceiling fans.

Safety First. Ceiling Fan Installation Second.

Safety is essential for any type of electrical installation to avoid the possibility of shocks or malfunction.

We follow a strict protocol to ensure your ceiling fan is properly assembled and installed for safe use. We take every precaution to ensure a smooth, safe installation. From turning off the power to assembling the paddles to checking for wobbling after your ceiling fan is installed. We won’t leave until your ceiling fan is running perfectly. We promise.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Does your ceiling fan wobble? Does it not turn on no matter what you try?


A broken ceiling fan isn't much good if it can't circulate air. If your ceiling fan isn’t working properly, it could be one of many issues. Damaged wires, corroded connections or even improper installation could be at fault.


Regardless of the problem, we can resolve your issue with expert ceiling fan repair.

Eight Reasons Ceiling Fans Hum
  1. Motor may need oil.

  2. Light fixture may have loose screws.

  3. Light bulb covers may be coming into contact with the light bulbs.

  4. Dimmer switch. Most ceiling fans are not made to work with a dimmer switch. Replacing the dimmer with a proper electric switch could stop the humming.

  5. Fan is unbalanced. Balance your ceiling fan with a fan balancing kit.

  6. Run the fan at different speeds. Ceiling fans often hum at a lower speed. Run the fan at high, medium and low speeds to see when the humming occurs.

  7. Broken, bent or cracked blades. Damaged blades could create noise and should be replaced.

  8. Install the control with one that has an anti-hum feature.


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Wobbling Ceiling Fan

Most ceiling fans wobble a little. It’s common in mechanical devices. However, if your ceiling fan is wobbling a lot, it could be a sign there is a more serious problem at hand.

Wobbling is often caused by the electrical box because it doesn't have the proper rating for ceiling fans. If that case, we'll replace your electrical box with one approved for ceiling fans.

A ceiling fan’s support hardware can also cause wobbling. If so, our experienced electricians know exactly with bolts and screws to tighten to restore stability to your fan.

Common signs that your ceiling may need repairs include:

  • Broken or missing pull chains

  • Loose wiring

  • Noisy operation

  • Power issues

  • Wobbling

Ceiling Fan Replacement That's Fast & Easy

Sometimes, your ceiling fan may be beyond repair. It may need to be updated or replaced.

In addition to installation and repair, we provide complete ceiling fan electrical service, including ceiling fan replacement.

After you purchase a new ceiling fan, contact us to install it for you.

Our electricians are familiar with all types and styles of ceiling fans.


Whatever type of ceiling fan you buy, we can install it for you.

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